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Company Overview

A gem renowned in every corner of the globe, Bali is a never-ending paradise. A tiny province yet recognized in numerous callings. It is a tropical breeze and warm sun with not too frequent rainfall embracing you all year round. The Island of the Gods has been welcoming local and International visitors since 1980. Tourists bustling and blissful; they are always in awe. A solid yet humble and open community, potent in cultural heritages, Bali is authentic in a vibe you have never sensed before. You will witness a myth realized in their sacred rituals and ceremonies, how they love their Gods and ancestors, how they materialize their beliefs into beautiful, unique arts.


Bali is screaming holiday. You will miss how enjoyable your days-off are even when your body is still lying pretty on the comfy of our supreme size bed in our natural-landscape overlooking villas in Bali. At the end of the day, you will want to return to Bali again and again to re-enjoy your Bali vacation. Start with our well-furnished rooms and complete facilities, you will never get tired of chattering it. If you need to choose Bali villas in Ubud and resort in Tulamben, then Kajane can become your best choice. Our guest service is rated no other than excellence. Our service is no joke. Your wish is our command.


We see you are curious about our facilities. Imagine yourself in your private lounging space to loiter about, television on your favorite show, a nice hot bath, a perfect picture of smiling family members in the warm light of our spacious living room, savoring their delicacies. You will see yourself satisfied and enjoy your Balinese holidays. A villa is incomplete without a swimming pool, isn’t it? You own our pool as many days and month as you reserve a room. Right now, your mind must be wondering about all the fun activities you can do, and we know it!

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